Waters Corporation Installs The Aquity UPC2 System At BiG.









This week, the Waters Corporation installed the Aquity UPC2 System in our shared lab. 

UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2™) is a new category of separations science that makes the complex analysis…routine. This new technology marries the unrealized potential of SFC with Waters proven UPLC® technology and expertise in the management of fluids, temperature, and pressure. By varying mobile phase strength, pressure, temperature, and stationary phase with UPC2, one can separate, detect and quantify structural analogs, isomers, enantiomeric and diasteriomeric mixtures – all compounds or samples that challenge today’s laboratories. Because CO2 is the primary mobile phase for UPC2, the technique greatly reduces the use of toxic solvents.

With the ACQUITY UPC2 System, scientists can now separate, analyze, and understand compounds that have challenged all other LC and GC technologies including:

  • Hydrophobic and chiral compounds
  • Lipids
  • Thermally-labile samples
  • Polymers

It’s also the perfect complement to MS due to its low solvent load and high resolution, narrow peaks and fast separations.

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